Nozawa Onsen Snow Report: Good day for an Onsen

Base up top: 380 cm                  Temperature; 0 Degrees

Base at bottom; 280 cm

New Snow: 10 cm up top

If you are considering a day off then today may be your day. Bad news is it is raining in the Village at the moment, has been most of the night. Rain on a ski trip is a bit like rain on your wedding day, never a great thing! Good news is that they are reporting snow up top 10cm since close of lifts. Also freezing levels are set to drop from tonight and moderate snowfalls should follow!

The other good news is it is one of the first days of the season we have not had to shovel buckets of fresh snow to get the car out!

Yesterday was a great day on the mountain with lots of sunshine in the morning and then the clouds rolled in later in the day. Was a clear day so made for some good photos

Anyway, good day to get into one of the 13 free Onsens in town. If you go to the Tourist information office you can get a book and if you go to all 13 Onsens can score a free bandana. Otherwise there are a number of private ones to explore including the new Furusato which has an outdoor onsen and Arena where you can also get a bite to eat at the restaurant or get a massage to ease those mountain aches!

Nozawa Snow Report: Warming up today


Base up top: 400 cm                  Temperature; -5 Degrees


Base at bottom; 290 cm

New Snow: 0 cm

Experiencing a bit of a spike on the thermometer in Nozawa this morning. Currently 5 degrees at the front door and expected to stay warmish throughout today.

The weather is coming in from the south and bringing a warm current from Okinawa with it. The weatherman is telling us to expect a bit of rain at the Village level later today but should be snow up higher with the freezing level well above sea level where it has been sitting for the past few weeks.

It is set to drop again from tomorrow night though with low temps and snow on the forecast. Yesterday was a nice day on the slopes with clear skies and fun conditions. Should be similar today. This change in temps will most likely heighten avalanche danger so take care if venturing away from the groomed runs.

Nozawa Snow Report: A Deep Purple Patch!


Base up top: 410 cm                  Temperature; -5 Degrees


Base at bottom; 310 cm

New Snow: 15cm

Snow at night and sun during the day that’s what we like to see! Has been a while since we had that pattern in Nozawa. Most of the time has been just snowing, which is not a bad thing at all.

Snowed overnight heavy at times but only averaged out to about 15cm of fresh. Should be a nice top up though and make for an awesome day on the slopes. No one has been back down yet to give me an update, which is always a good sign.

The weekenders from Tokyo should begin to roll out of tow n in the next few hours and will leave us with a quiet resort for the weekdays. Tomorrow should be sunny then have consistent falls forecast for the rest of the week. Where else would you want to be!

Good day today to clear the roof off the house, which has almost 2 meters of snow on it. Normally I clear it twice in a season on average. This will be the second time in just over a week!

Nozawa Snow Report: Another day in Paradise


Base up top: 420 cm                  Temperature; -7 Degrees


Base at bottom; 315 cm

New Snow: 2cm

Yesterday was the goods as far as ski days go with all the elements coming together there were lots of very happy people rolling down the slopes.

Did not get any snow overnight for a change, which was kind of nice and after a bit of light snow this morning the sun is out again. Not sure how long it will last though. Forecast is for the next big system to hit on Monday night.

The sun yesterday was a blessing and helped a lot with the snow clearing efforts. Everyone that was not up the mountain was in to it and it is amazing what can be achieved in a day. A big thank you to all the resort staff, lodge staff and the community as a whole for your efforts. Has been a big extra workload clearing all the snow this season but everyone worked together and greeted the guests with a smile as always.

Should be another great day up the slopes today but a bit busy with the weekend crowd. Quite a lot of fun events ahead in Nozawa during February and March including the Jazz Festival on February 18th and then various festivals thru March, with all this snow it is going to be a great time to be in the mountains.

Snow clearing in Nozawa Onsen



Perfect Day: The Nozawa Snow Report

Hitting up Hachiman for some fresh tracks

Base up top: 460 cm                  Temperature; -12 Degrees

Base at bottom; 315 cm

New Snow: 75cm

The snow started dumping around sunset last night and within about 3 hours we had accumulated over 30cm. It was heavy and beautiful to watch as everything just got completely covered in the white powder.

It kept going throughout the night and up top we had a huge 75cm fall at Uenotaira. We had only been expecting 20cm max!

This morning the sun has come out and it is a perfect blue bird day in Nozawa. The sun is most welcome and will hopefully help with the huge recovery effort in clearing the snow from the Village today.

On the slopes this is a day most people wait their whole lives for! A massive 460cm record level base, over 60cm of fresh powder, the sun is shining and the slopes are empty. If you are here enjoy it, if not get on a plane, train or bicycle and get up here!

Doesn't get much better



Nozawa Snow Report: Another Day at the Office

Mowing the lawn

Base up top: 415 cm                  Temperature: -12 Degrees

Base at bottom: 315 cm

New Snow: 38cm

There was 30+ centimetres of snow again overnight in Nozawa Onsen. It is just part of the routine now to wake up and clear a foot of snow off everything before the day begins!

Imagine waking up and the grass had grown a foot overnight can be hard work but snow is a lot more fun than grass.

Yesterday was pretty harsh conditions up on the mountain. Getting off the gondola at Uenotaira felt a bit like we had arrived at the base camp for a North Pole expedition. If you could get into the valleys and out of the wind and driving snow though it was pretty nice and some fresh tracks to be had on most of the less frequented runs.

The constant snow is also playing havoc with the local train from Nagano to Togari Nozawa Onsen station. It is stopped to clean snow off the lines now but should be back running this afternoon.

The forecast believe it or not is for a bit of sunshine amongst the snow showers over the next few days then further ahead the snowathon should continue…

Different kind of neck deep

Nozawa Snow Report: February arrives and snow just keeps coming

Nozawa doing a Tateyama impression

Hard to believe January is over and it was one of the snowiest we have had for a while. There were not many days that it did not snow in January! Looks like February has taken over where January left off with snow cascading pretty heavily from the sky today too.

The last two years in February we have had a warm spell shoot thru, kind of hoping we get it this year too. Time will tell but at this stage it is looking like life in snow motion will continue in Nozawa

It is cold today too, when I woke up my hot water bottle was frozen and I got an ice cream headache from just drinking the tap water! Pretty windy up high, they had to close the Nagasaka Gondola today for a few hours but it is up running again now.

On the mountain the powder party continues and guys were getting some amazing runs yesterday that will continue today as well with 20cm of fresh being recorded. The base figure is down however but may be just that the powder was blown around overnight.

Outlook is for moderate falls all day then heavy tomorrow afteroon. We may get a bit of sun Friday and Sunday but otherwise it is all snow marks on the forecast. Walk tall and carry a big shovel!

Walking back from the Onsen in the snow tunnel

Nozawa Snow Report: Welcome the sun

Finally a burst of sun for a very content slide home

Has been a while but yesterday afternoon the sun burst on to the stage to create a magic day on the slopes.

With a 420cm base, a good overnight dump and very few crowds the stage was set for perfection. Snow conditions were excellent under foot on the groomers and up on the slopes of Yamabiko there was even a good coverage of powder that remained untouched for most of the morning.

Had some snow last night but the sun is out again this morning so should be another amazing day. Visibility is looking pretty good up top too so a chance to take a good look around.

The clearing of snow continues in the Village, the roofs are lined with people doing their best to take some of the weight off. Trucks and shovels are going hard below to take it away. A big ‘otsukaresama’ and well done to everyone in town for their efforts in the extreme conditions we have experienced.

The outlook is for more snowy days ahead. Not as heavy as was previously expected but still consistent good moderate

Rain, hale or 400cm of snow he will deliver


Nozawa Snow Report: Be careful what you wish for

Lubo san enjoying life on the pontoons

Hard to believe but still snowing in Nozawa and has not stopped. This is one of the most consistent runs of heavy snowfall I can remember. Who knows if it keeps up we may challenge the next record of 530cm base set on February 5th 2006. The forecast is showing more moderate to heavy falls on the way so it may be a reality.

They have already started to dig out some of the snow below the lifts as they are becoming dangerously close to the runs below in places.

Yesterday on the mountain was another ridiculous day with more powder than a Johnson and Johnson factory! The sides of Skyline were like a natural half pipe with snow from the middle being pushed high up on the sides.

Today is even better with a lot less people to compete with for fresh tracks now the weekend crowd has gone. The official reports are showing a massive 45cm up top but less down low may have had something to do with the gusty Antarctic type conditions last night. There are fresh lines on offer everywhere, it is deep and mind blowing powder!

In the village now we are really praying for a break in the downpour so we can clear some of the snow before it gets dangerous. At this stage no sun on the horizon just more snow so for the lucky ones on the mountain strap on the powder boards and enjoy!

Check out this cool time lapse by Mark Jobson filmed at the front door a few days ago

Nozawa Snow Report: Snow really happens

Kanai san the local Suzuki dealer is struggling to get cars out the door!

Another 30cm of snow overnight has fallen and we now have a 420cm base in place with no end in sight. It is still snowing heavily this morning. Believe that gives us one of the biggest snow bases in Japan at the moment.

We had a few pauses in the snow last night but they were very short lived. The battle between man and snow continues and unfortunately it is a losing one. Even if we clear the snow there is limited space to put it so most have resorted to putting it in dump trucks and dumping it down in the river!

Yesterday on the mountain there was plenty of snow and also plenty of people. Meant that some areas were getting tracked out and moguls at a fairly quick rate. Still some amazing powder around and the sides of the runs was the safest place to explore.

Yuta and the team at Compass house are holding a demo day for Armada Skis up the top at Yamabiko today. Perfect timing and can guarantee the Fat Powder skis will be popular. It is free to demo so drop in and have a try.

With all this snow the risk of avalanches is prevalent so please observe the signs and warnings from the ski resort. It is pretty chilly up there too so stay safe and rug up.

Outlook is for light snow over the next two days apparently then a big dump on Tuesday night! Think it has already started…

Great walls of snow