Nozawa Snow Report: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….

There is usually a step up into this place now you can ski right in the front door!

Base up top: 260 cm                  Temperature; -10 Degrees

Base at bottom; 190 cm

New Snow: 60 cm again!

The ridiculous is now bordering on the insane on the snow front in Nozawa with another huge 60cm of snow on our doorstep this morning. The powder hounds are going to be in their element again today and will be deep bottomless champagne powder on tap for anyone keen to brave the conditions.

So we have had close to 2 meters of fresh snow in just a 3-day period and still absolutely dumping outside at the moment. Think it has been about 8 years since we had such a good start to the season. At that time it snowed every day from December 1st to December 31st.

Yesterday on the mountain was amazing snow under foot and tracks were getting filled in quickly giving powder potential even on the groomers! Visibility was limited though and the light was flat but it was an amazing Christmas day had by all.

Back to a weekday today so there will be very few people on the mountain so for the lucky ones here conditions for skiing will be amazing. Rug up though, as it is -10 degrees and strong winds. The roads in Nozawa are pretty hard going now with the deluge of snow taking over.

Looks like we should get some sunshine by Wednesday and seems strange for a ski resort to hope for, but we are really looking forward to a break in the snow!

Snowy walk to the Onsen on Christmas Night


Nozawa Snow Report: Very White Christmas in Nozawa Onsen

60cm dump on Christmas day we are blessed

Base up top: 220 cm                  Temperature; -6 Degrees

Base at bottom; 160 cm

New Snow: 60 cm

It is a very white Christmas today in Nozawa Onsen. As expected we had another huge dump again last night with 60cm gracing the resort. People are going to start thinking I am making this stuff up but it is honestly another sublime day today.

It started snowing heavily at about 8pm last night and it didn’t stop all night. The road heaters were struggling to keep up with the downpour of the white gold as we strolled to the Onsen just before midnight Christmas Eve. It was a beautiful scene though and was only out done when the sun burst through the clouds at about 10am this morning.

With 60cm of fresh snow, relatively clear skies and not too many people about the ones that have made the trip will be having a very Merry Christmas. It is always a special feeling to go skiing on Christmas day.

Believe it or not another big dump is expected tonight and then will ease into Boxing Day. The start to this Winter in Nozawa Onsen is one of the best I can remember for quite a few years. On behalf of everyone here we would like to wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas, we thank you all for returning to Nozawa Onsen especially this year and look forward to seeing more of you into the New Year

Ride to the top for Christmas Day

Nozawa Snow Report: Big weekend on the snowfront in Nozawa Onsen

Big John in the Red Long Johns someone call the Fashion Police

Big John in the Red Long Johns someone call the Fashion Police

Good news in Nozawa this morning the whole resort is pretty much open for business. Karasawa and the Snow Park included. Kandaha Race course is about the only run not operating yet but they are keen to get that going soon too.

After a short break on the snow front yesterday morning the assault started again late yesterday and has been falling most of the night. Snowing pretty heavy outside now and reports are showing 20cm up top. There is about the same now in the Village.

Yesterday was a bit icy in the morning and people were already asking for fresh snow and it has been delivered but it is just a prelude to the kiss with the big dump still due tomorrow. It is looking like a big long weekend in Nozawa to celebrate the Emperors Birthday. The snow will be big too so better pack the powder boards.

Everything is getting Fatter in Nozawa this weekend

Nozawa Snow Report: The Calm before the Storm

Another fine start to the day here in Nozawa and glourious conditions on the mountain. As per usual with a but of sun and warmer temps the base has settled a bit and has had a bit of melt off down in the Village.

Have the feeling it is the calm before the storm though with the dump expected on Saturday night still building with 100cm not unlikely.

Yesterday on the hill there was still lots of fresh tracks to be had and saw a few losing their skis in the powder. Probably wont see those until April now! It was getting pretty heavy on the lower south facing slopes as was expected but terrific on the upper slopes.

Around the Village the young and old are working hard to clear roofs and paths in anticipation of what is coming. It should begin tonight!

The Souko a great place to store Rice and Skis!

Nozawa Snow Report: A break in the Snow today but more on the way

Another day at the office

Base up top: 175 cm                  Temperature; -4 Degrees

Base at bottom; 115 cm

New Snow: 15cm

Sounding a bit like a broken record but another amazing start to the day here in Nozawa Onsen have had about 15cm up top since the close of lifts yesterday and for the first time in a few days we are being blessed with some sunshine.

Will probably be short lived so enjoy the sun and great views while you can as looks like a little bit of snow tonight then we are going to get covered again with heavy falls expected over the weekend, forecasts showing we could be in for over 100cm! So time to clear the decks of snow a bit today as most people are doing with the locals up the roofs already.

Anyone coming up over the weekend is advised to be prepared, if driving up suggest you carry chains.

Yesterday was a great day on the mountain with some bottomless powder runs and stories of epic conditions. The banter continued into the early hours this morning at the Stay Bar which is now open for the season and serving up some fine bourbon and sweet tunes to the happy powder hounds.

Stay Bar great place for a quiet drink and a good chat



Nozawa Snow Report: Another huge 60cm dump overnight

Another one night wonder dump in Nozawa

Base up top: 160cm                  Temperature; -6 Degrees

Base at bottom; 100cm

New Snow: 60cm

The Snow conditions in Nozawa are now bordering on the ridiculous for this time of year. Ridiculously good that is! Have had another huge 60cm of fresh snow overnight and still big flakes floating from the sky now.

Woke up this morning and looked out the window and the view is slowly getting taken over by the ever growing white wall.

Yesterday up top was a terrific day with light fluffy snow and bursts of sunshine coming thru. The skiing was top to bottom, with good coverage on all slopes and some nice powder runs. Most of the resort runs are now open even Karasawa is ready to go but they are just holding off until we get some weekend crowds in.

Outlook is for things to clear a bit tomorrow then snow again tomorrow night with a huge dump expected on Saturday night. The happiness is big in Nozawa Onsen

Honeymoon Happiness on the boards

Nozawa Snow Report: Snow just keeps coming in Nozawa Onsen

Brendan and Sonia arrive in Nozawa just in time for the big dump with big smiles to match

The good times just keep rolling here in Nozawa Onsen. After a brief break in the snow last night with clear skies and lots of stars we awoke this morning to snow falling consistently again in the Village.

The resort is reporting 5cm of fresh snow has fallen up top this morning and with temps at – 6 degrees conditions should be terrific. A lot more of the resort is open this morning and can now ski top to bottom on the Hikage side of the resort down the Beginner Rinkan course or Forest Trail  and Challenger slopes. So can cruise down for about an 8 km run top to bottom

Today is Kids ski free day so there is sure to be lots of little speedsters flying by enjoying their first ski of the season.

The outlook for Nozawa is basically white with snow forecast for the rest of the day and then heavy snow due tomorrow night. We should now hopefully be set for the season

Karasawa December 17th this was just rice paddies and vegie patches 3 days ago

Nozawa Snow Report: 75cm dump of fresh snow in Nozawa in 24 hours and still going

Snow blowers in action early this year

Base up top: 120 cm          Temperature; -8 Degrees

Base at bottom; 50cm

New Snow: 75cm

Over 75cm of fresh snow has fallen in Nozawa in the last 24 Hours. Yesterday was the game changer and winter has well and truly arrived. We had a clear driveway yesterday morning now we need to dig a path just to get to the road.

We were a little unprepared with the shovels and long boots still in storage! But they are working overtime now to clear the amazing amount of snow.

This dump is more like one that we have mid season and the few that have taken the chance to come up early will be well rewarded with some deep powder runs and no crowds.

Yesterday I drove a few of the lift ticket ladies to the Karasawa office and nearly got stuck in the rice paddies on the lower slopes in the mud. Today there is 60cm of fresh snow and no way you would get a car up there. They were preparing the lifts there this morning and plan to open tomorrow!

Still dumping here now and reports are for more on the way with the occasional glimpse of sunshine. The resort has opened Paradise Course and Yunomine today and think will open even more tomorrow. So a great time to be in Nozawa if you still have your skis in storage better pull them out and get up here!


Every dog has his day and today in Nozawa is every dogs day

Nozawa Snow Report: Fun start to season in Nozawa

The Snow trees of Nozawa always magic

Nozawa Onsen Ski Resort has been open for 4 days now since December 11th. Early days but there have been some fun conditions up top at Yamabiko and down to Uenotaira. Great to get an earlier start this season and hope it means we are in for a good season ahead

Was getting a bit icy yesterday morning with a cold start and bluebird conditions.  So some new snow will be most welcome and looks like it is on the way. Forecasts are showing that Winter should take a firm grip on the resort over the next few days with freezing levels dropping to below sea level and good snow falls predicted for most of the week.

Today sees the reopening of Furusato no Yu formally known as Kuahaus. It had been getting a bit tired so the major renovation will be exciting. It has one of the only outdoor onsens in town and should prove to be popular. Entry is 500 Yen for Adults and 250 Yen for children.

The Resort Shuttle bus will also start on Saturday December 17th delivering guests on a loop around the village and up to the Nagasaka Gondola. Departs almost every 30 minutes and every 20 minutes at the peak times.

So looking like a good weekend ahead with over 30cm forecast from tonight into Saturday morning so hope to see you all on the slopes.

Up top in Nozawa Onsen December by Emmie

Nozawa Snow Report: Snow down to Village Level in Nozawa this morning

Snow on the ground in Nozawa this morning

Base up top: 30cm         Temperature; -8 Degrees

New Snow: 5cm

Exciting news from Nozawa Onsen we have woken up to snow falling in the Village this morning.

Not sure what time it started but there is a few centimeters already gathered on the doorstep and nice big flakes are falling outside as I drink my morning coffee.

Great to see and should mean we received a decent amount up top. This should hopefully see the resort open tomorrow morning Saturday December 10th. We should know later today so will try and post an update on our twitter and facebook feeds.

Some enthusiastic skiers yesterday could not wait for the Lifts to open.  They hiked up the slopes and slid down with huge smiles on their faces. We do a lot of backcountry touring in March but this was a rare case of front country touring and was great to see.

The snow should continue to fall lightly today then tomorrow the forecast is sunshine so fingers crossed for a beautiful start to the season.

Some folk can't wait for the lifts! Hiking and skiing Paradise slope