Welcome back to Winter


Base up top: 385 cm           Temperature; -6 Degrees


Base at bottom; 235 cm

New Snow: 20 cm               Weather; Blizzard

Winter has made a definite comeback in Nozawa today with Blizzard type conditions across the resort. Has been snowing pretty heavy all-day and coupled with high winds has meant some nice fresh but pretty low visibility.

Have had at least 20cm of fresh fall up high and even needed to clear the driveway at lunchtime. Kind of knew this was coming as I just put the shovels away a few days back!

Big contrast to yesterday’s sunny skies and low winds but most welcome and the base has been boosted back up to 385cm.

Looks like the snow should continue the rest of today then start clearing tomorrow and sunshine on Wednesday. Then we have a bit of a snow sun rhythm ahead for. March magic has arrived!


What a day and what a year!


Base up top: 360 cm           Temperature; -2 Degrees


Base at bottom; 230 cm

New Snow: 1 cm               Weather; Beautiful

Wow, what a perfect day in Nozawa. Great conditions for the annual Downhill and GS races today.

Was an early start for the competitors getting on the gondola at about 7:30 this morning. Greeted by very suitable race conditions with clear skies and an icy track.

The speeds were fast and so were the skintight suits! Lots of fun and smiles from all those involved. Eventual winner of the downhill was home town favourite Katzuyuki Kono, he is more at home on skis than he is walking! Gab Sutter from Switzerland also put in a great showing and grabbed 2nd in the Giant Slalom.

On the slopes for everyone else it was a beautiful day with clear skies and the snow condition was sublime. Started to get a little slushy towards the bottom later but still nice.

If the forecast comes thru we are in for some serious snow fall over the next few days with over 50cm forecast maybe more! So happy days in Nozawa Onsen at the moment.

Hard to believe it has been a whole year since the devastating quake and tsunami off the coast of Tohoku. It was a crazy and sad time with so many people losing their lives and homes.

The recovery effort was nothing short of inspirational. The way the people of the affected area and all of Japan came together was amazing. The situation has improved but is far from over, our thoughts are with those still rebuilding. Stay strong Japan.

One of our guests Nigel McCarter just recently went to Tohoku for some volunteer work here is what he wrote;

“Volunteers always welcome, can find themselves doing anything from cleaning ditches to photographs.

Accommodation is basic (two tsunami damaged houses – one has no electricity)
you need a sleeping bag and a pillowcase, though there are masses of futons; hospitality wonderful, and actually great fun.”

This is the guys they went with not just mud website



Snow dand pays off


Base up top: 360 cm Temperature; -2 Degrees
Base at bottom; 240 cm
New Snow: 20 cm Weather; Snowing Lightly


All those late nights dancing and sacrificing brain cells has paid off and after quite a break we have been blessed with 20cm of fresh snow in Nozawa Onsen this morning.

It started yesterday but was pretty much sleet most of the day and just started to settle after dark. My car had about 15cm on top this morning. It was pretty wet down here but should be nice up top. The official report is showing -2 degrees and powder. No one has returned yet so should be pretty sweet.

Race day tomorrow and a few of us are having a run. The Hato Guruma Cup as is known is the fastest person top to bottom. Looking like a sunny start to the day so should be good conditions for all.

More snow coming in behind that too until Tuesday so looks like we are seeing some March magic creeping into Nozawa.

Waiting for the change

Base up top: 350 cm           Temperature; 0 Degrees

Base at bottom; 225 cm

New Snow: 0 cm                  Weather; Sunshine

Definitely spring like conditions in Nozawa at the moment at the lower part of the mountain anyway.Up high this morning was cold enough to create the ice trees we know so well. Not sure if was from a bit of a dusting last night or just a frost this morning but looks pretty all the same.

Yesterday got up to about 10 degrees in town and was almost walking around in a T Shirt. Was a beautiful day up top though with the sun out and nice spring like conditions. As long as you weren’t expecting powder you would not be disappointed.

The snow around the village has now pulled back a lot and seeing things pop up had forgotten about for almost 3 months! Found a pair of gumboots I had been looking for all season! After having so much consistent snow this season feels a bit funny to go for about 1 week now with no fresh snow.

Looks like we should slip back into Winter mode at least at higher levels from Friday night with some decent snow falls forecast. So won’t pack away the powder boards yet!


Haze giving way to the sunshine

Base up top: 355 cm           Temperature; 6 Degrees

Base at bottom; 240 cm

New Snow: 0 cm                  Weather; Sunshine

Glad that I waited a while to post the report after a bit of a wet and foggy start to the day the clouds have lifted and it is a stunning day.

One of the guys just flew down Skyline with a jump in his step to get his camera and head back up. He said was a bit slushy in places but a beautiful day on the slopes.

Yesterday was as we thought not the best of the season but the slopes were pretty empty so anyone that was keen got a private resort to play in.

The outlook is improving and I always know when there is snow on the way because my 70-year-old neighbour starts to shovel snow off his roof! Looks like we have a bit of sun over the next few days then snow marks kicking in from Thursday night thru to Sunday morning.

Final day of racing today on Kandaha and some pretty fast crew coming down so well worth a look!




Waiting for the March magic

Base up top: 375 cm           Temperature; 4 Degrees

Base at bottom; 240 cm

New Snow: 0 cm                           Weather; Overcast

Probably a good day for a sleep in or if were keen to sit by the fire with a good book it is as good as any.

Was raining early this morning but has eased back a bit now. As predicted it was all the way to the top.

Do not fear too much though as looks like today is the peak in temps and getting cooler and a good amount of snow expected to arrive late in the week. Even a note of heavy snow by the weekend so fingers crossed.

Over the past few seasons we have been hit with this early spring blanket then mother nature has done a back flip and blessed us with some good winter dumps through March so hoping for the same again.

Yesterday was nice sunny all day, no fresh powder to report but was a fun day on the slopes.


Fire and Ice


Base up top: 380 cm           Temperature; -7 Degrees


Base at bottom; 240 cm

New Snow: 0 cm                           Weather; Sunny

Great night in Town last night, with a good vibe all around the Village. Up on the Hikage slopes the fire works and torch run were spectacular and could be seen from all over the resort.

Beautiful clear skies again today and pretty cold up top at -7 degrees. Should make the groomers pretty fast, which will be perfect for the racing getting underway today. It is going to be another nice day. Bound to warm up soften as the day gets on.

Yesterday was lots of fun on the slopes and conditions were not bad at all. The base up top so far has not dropped much with this warmer weather still just under the 4-meter mark at 380cm.

The forecast for the next few days is not so encouraging with freezing levels getting almost as high as Mt Fuji it looks as though we may be in for some rain. Should hopefully squeeze in a bit of snow first tonight though before the temps climb. Looks like just a one-day peak then will cool down again.

The spring season pass is also underway now and at just 30,000 Yen with over 2 months in the season to go is a great investment.

Festive Night ahead

Base up top: 380 cm           Temperature; -4 Degrees

Base at bottom; 250 cm

New Snow: 5 cm                           Weather; Sunny

Starting to get used to these warmer sunny days in Nozawa. Went up to the kid’s park today for a play and there were kids everywhere having a ball.

Preparations were under way for tonight’s Festival and looking good. There was also a lot of action over on the Kandaha racecourse with a big downhill race meet starting tomorrow. So quite a buzz around town. Crowds not as big as past weekends but with 6000 guests recorded not too bad.

On the mountain was pretty foggy up high early but has blown off a bit now. Snow was a bit soft in places but the groomers were pretty nice.

Looking ahead it is a bit of a mixed bag with winds also all over the place. Hope by the end of the week we should see some cooler temps and a bit of snow on the radar. Anyway will be a fun weekend in town so get into the celebrations, stay safe and have a great time.




Ups and downs


Base up top: 385 cm                 Temperature; 2 Degrees


Base at bottom; 250 cm

New Snow: 0 cm                           Weather; Overcast

Not one of our finer days today in Nozawa

We have grey skies hovering over the Village this morning. Have been copping some rain down low but a few people coming down have confirmed it is snowing quite heavy up top with limited visibility.

Still pretty wet though with temps a bit too warm. They are forecast to drop throughout today so should see some snow even at Village level tonight.

Yesterday was a glorious day on the slopes with amazing views and visibility. The snow was a bit soft down low but nice up top and even some powder stashes to be found on the North facing slopes

Pretty big weekend coming up, with celebrations to commemorate 100 Years of skiing in Japan. On Saturday Night at Hikage slopes we have Fireworks, a Flare run and Taiko drums kicking off from 19:30. Should be a fun night so look forward to seeing some of you there

Nozawa keeping its cool for now


Base up top: 395 cm                  Temperature; – 4 Degrees


Base at bottom; 280 cm

New Snow: 7 cm                           Weather; Snowing lightly

Snowing lightly outside my window this morning. A little on the wet side and not making much impact but should be showing some dividends up higher. Hear it is even snowing in Tokyo today!

Yesterday was the goods on the mountain with fresh snow and clear skies. It was cold too up top, got a bit of a facial headache cruising down to Uenotaira. Have had a few amazing days here with the consistent snow on Monday then the bluebird folks here got to see Nozawa at its best. The conditions were almost as good as anytime throughout the season.

Good news on the lost skier a 55-Year-old Japanese snowboarder. He walked out of the wilderness yesterday into one of the little villages well below Nozawa Onsen. Slightly shaken but in not bad condition after his two snowy nights in the Alps.

The rhythm is looking pretty good over the next few days in Nozawa with a snow then sun regime. Further ahead temps may get a little warm but is expected with tomorrow being the first day of March!