April fun with a good dump overnight

Better pull out the powder boards one more time

Better pull out the powder boards one more time

Base up top: 310 cm

Temp Top; -8 Degrees

Base at Uenotaira 210cm

Base at bottom; 110 cm

New Snow since close: 30 cm

Weather; Snowing!

Just like that and boom we have a “ Magic Foot “ on April the 5th! The official figures have not dropped as yet but with about 20cm in town I figure there should be a bit more up top.

One of the guests asked me last night if their kids were going to see snow fall in the Village before they leave today. Sure enough it started lightly just before we went to bed last night and then this morning we have a solid blanket covering the whole town.

Being the weekend there should be a few more lifts open too and not much motion around town so don’t think there will be a lot of competition for tracks.

It should snow a bit over the weekend with low temps then back to sunshine on Monday.

Anyway get out of bed and get up there and enjoy.