Nozawa Snow Report: Nozawa feeling the cold

A small Alaskan Village?

Base up top: 275 cm                  Temperature; -2 Degrees

Base at bottom; 190 cm

New Snow: 20 cm

Apologies for the late snow report, I was not up getting mind blowing powder runs unfortunately. Instead was taking advantage of the break in the snow to clear our roof, still thrilling waist deep powder but nowhere near as much fun! This is the second time this season have been up on the roof and we are not even 1 month into it! In a normal season I would maybe only need to do it once so shows how much snow we have had this year. Have to get a dump truck to get all the snow taken away. Imagine if we could deliver it to a beach somewhere on the planet and build a big kicker into the ocean, which would be cool!

The sun blessed us with its presence this morning and reports are showing we had a further 20cm of fresh since the lifts closed yesterday so along with the 60cm we recived up until then spells awesome conditions on the mountain. Have not seen anyone come back down yet so that is a good sign of contentment.

Yesterday was blizzard type conditions on the slopes at times with strong winds and snow falling sideways. Nozawa was feeling the full brunt of winter.

The outlook believe it or not is for more moderate snowfall tonight and should ease a bit into the weekend for some pretty nice conditions for the coming long weekend. Hope to see you up here enjoying it.

Nozawa Snow Report: The Powder Party continues

With almost a 3m base now should be good right thru March in Nozawa

Has not stopped snowing in Nozawa now for 24 Hours. The magic foot we mentioned yesterday has doubled with 60cm falling in that time. We are going to have to start calling it the magic 2 foot! Will be more amazing deep powder conditions for the brave today.

It is blizzard conditions outside at the moment and just heard they have temporarily closed the Nagasaka Gondola due to high winds. The Hikage is operating so can still make your way to the top for fresh tracks.

Yesterday was dumping all day and most runs groomed or otherwise were powder runs by lunchtime. Like today visibility was not great but as long as you had good gear could make the most of what Mother Nature was serving up.

Snow is set to continue throughout today then tomorrow should be something special with Sunshine expected in the morning followed by more snow from the afternoon.

After that looks like we may get a bit of a break in the snow before a heavy dump again next week. Will hopefully give us a chance to clear some of this snow and enjoy the amazing conditions! The view from my house has now well and truly been replaced by a large wall of white and is quickly turning into an igloo!

All this base is a good thing and means we should be in for a long season. Although it is still early days with almost a 300cm base now I would expect we should have nice top to bottom conditions right thru to the end of March.

Igloos or houses in Nozawa?

Nozawa Snow Report: Another 30cm of fresh snow today

Cody leading the way thru 30cm of fresh after an amazing week at Nozawa House

It is coming down again in Nozawa Onsen with almost 30cm or as we like to call it the “Magic Foot” falling again in the last few hours. The dump we were expecting last night was delayed and the deluge began at about 7 am this morning. It has been bucketing ever since and everything quickly got blanketed.

The runs were amazing as even though they had been groomed most have now got at least 30cm of fresh snow on top. Not so many tracks about today so fresh slopes were on offer in many spots. Always know when it is going to be quieter on the slopes the next day by the numbers at the onsen the night before. Last night for the first time in a while it was just the regular few members enjoying a soak.

Outlook is for the snowfall to continue thru tomorrow but not as heavy and then sunshine on Friday morning. Good time to get the planks waxed and get out there for some more amazing conditions.

There are a few good options in Nozawa Onsen for waxing and tuning your skis or snowboards. Esfa below is one of the best. That’s all they do and have been doing it for years. They take care of all the gear for the local race teams too and are good value. Other good options are Toshi near Villa Nozawa and Tomii Rentals on the slopes below Nagasaka Gondola. So no excuses for not having your gear at its best to tackle the mountains of powder on offer in Nozawa at the moment.

Esfa great place for ski and board tuning and waxing

Nozawa Snow Report: Take care if straying off course

Wide open spaces surround Nozawa by Jan san

Snowed fairly consistently yesterday getting heavy at times. Then, as forecast was a beautiful start to the day today with sunshine and good powder coverage on the slopes.

A few of the guys got on the Gondola first thing this morning and hit up some of the steeper ungroomed runs early for first tracks. They said was waist deep in spots and beautiful conditions.

A bit if a news worthy event last night in Nozawa, when 3 snowboarders went missing. They were not found until 8am this morning by a helicopter over the back on the way to Maguse Onsen. Looks like they found a bit of shelter on the side of the mountain and are in decent shape but must have been a long cold night up there.

Just a warning to be careful if venturing off the beaten track. If you stand up the top of Mount Kenashi there is a vast amount of wilderness out there and same as anywhere in the world it can be beautiful but dangerous too.

Good news is the Ski School will be running Back Country tours again this season. Mainly on the weekends, starting late January when the snow pack is a bit more settled. Local skier Take Ueno a Japan champion Telemark skier will be one of the guides so should be some amazing tours.

It has just started snowing here now lightly and from the forecast quite a bit more to come over the next 2 days.

Outdoor Onsen not far from Nozawa best to drive or take a tour

Nozawa Snow Report: The Sound of Silence as more snow falls in Nozawa Onsen

Sun sets on a perfect day

Base up top: 225 cm                  Temperature; -4 Degrees

Base at bottom; 150 cm

New Snow: 15 cm

Woke up to the sound of silence this morning, always find that the sound of snow falling makes the whole scene very quiet.

The beat is getting louder in Nozawa now though with the snow absolutely dumping for about the last hour. The heavy snow we were expecting last night looks like it has been delayed a little, it began about 7am this morning and looks like we should get a good 30cm out of it thru the day.

Then the outlook is for a blue bird day tomorrow followed by more snow again on Wednesday so we are in a good pattern at the moment.

Yesterday on the slopes was awesome, there were a few people early but by about 11am there was no line up to get on to the main Nagasaka Gondola. Some of the higher lifts had a bit of a queue but only a few minutes wait. The sun was out and the snow quality was excellent.

Will be pretty busy today and tomorrow then should be back to a quiet times after that. Went for a great ski with young Troy Perey yesterday in his chair ski, what a champion. Took on the slopes with a smile and a laugh, very inspirational stuff

Cruising down Paradise run


Nozawa Snow Report: Happy New Year from Nozawa Onsen

The Shrine in Nozawa was the perfect place to bring in the New Year

Base up top: 235 cm                  Temperature; -4 Degrees

Base at bottom; 160 cm

New Snow: 0 cm

We celebrated the coming of the New Year in style in Nozawa Onsen. The bars and restaurants were pretty packed early in the night then everyone made their way to either the Shrine or Nagasaka Slopes for the fireworks. Two very different experiences, but both unique.

The bell at the Shrine was rung 108 times and the village elders handed out New Years blessings or omomori, with everyone making a wish for a good year ahead.

On the snow front no fresh snow to report overnight but it was really cold while moving around the streets last night so the snow up top should be in good condition this morning. Fairly blue skies outside at the moment so looking like a beautiful first day of the year here in Nozawa. But forecasts suggest that will soon change with a good dump expected from tonight.

Yesterday was a terrific day on the slopes with fresh snow and the sun coming out around lunchtime to deliver awesome conditions for the New Years crowds, which were not as bad as last year by all reports.

The outlook is for a snow then sun then snow cycle ahead, which is always good to see.

We would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year for you and yours and a safe and enjoyable year ahead. Look forward to seeing you knee deep in some powder or neck deep in an Onsen in Nozawa in 2012. Thanks for your ongoing support.   Akemashite omedetou gozaimasu from everyone in Nozawa Onsen.

A different way to sing in the New Year at the Stay Bar


Nozawa Snow Report: Big weekend ahead in Nozawa

Sun coming through the clouds on the ride to the top

Base up top: 230 cm                  Temperature; -8 Degrees

Base at bottom; 170 cm

New Snow: 15 cm

Just 15cm of fresh snow overnight still not bad at all but thought we may have gotten a bit more based on the forecast and our recent history. Maybe we are getting a bit snow greedy!

There was a bit of blue poking thru when we awoke this morning but has been quickly replaced by some decent snowfall outside now. The wind is up though today especially higher up. Any little top up will be welcome with some of the lower slopes getting a little icy yesterday. Probably due to the increase in traffic on the slopes over the past few days.

Yesterday was blue skies in the morning and snow came in later in the afternoon. The outlook is for the snow to lighten up today and clear skies in the morning then a big dump still expected for Sunday night. Tomorrow night should be clear for the fire works but cold so rug up.

Got the Uenotaira Blues

Nozawa Snow Report: It’s a beautiful day

Nozawa Onsen Village laying on the charm...

Base up top: 250 cm                  Temperature; -5 Degrees

Base at bottom; 170 cm

New Snow: 0 cm

Seems like quite some time since have posted a Snow Report for Nozawa without any new snow! Yesterday was the day, we did not get the Blue bird start we had been hoping for, even got a bit of snow in the morning but in the afternoon the sun burst through the cloud and was magnificent.

The light was perfect the ice-covered trees were glistening and the powder was still plentiful if you knew were to look. With the New Years crowd starting to filter in some popular stashes under the lifts were getting tracked out but on piste the snow condition was superb.

Today was a blue bird start to the day but the clouds are creeping back in now and once again some decent snowfall is expected for this afternoon and into tonight. Light snow on the menu for tomorrow followed by some sun on Saturday then heavy snow forecast for Sunday night.

So anyone coming up will be pretty happy with the conditions ahead. Don’t forget the Fireworks display on Saturday night on the Nagasaka Slopes just above the Gondola Station, as always it is sure to be spectacular.

Anyone looking for a job that will take them to new heights!


Brief pause in the snow wars in Nozawa

Yesterday was amazing and did not stop. Today a bit of a well earned break!

Looks like we are finally getting a break in the snow fight here in Nozawa. After days of continual dumps this morning was relatively clear and everyone has breathed a slight sigh of relief.

The ski conditions have been nothing short of superb on the Mountain and yesterday were delivering chest deep powder on many of the runs with the snow just dumping all day. One of the guys just did a run down Skyline and said it was amazing snow quality. We have not been delivered the blue bird day we were hoping for but there are patches of blue and even some light snow falling.

The rest period looks like it will be short lived though with another heavy dump of snow expected from tomorrow afternoon so the powder hounds will be in their element yet again.

Looking further ahead it looks like Saturday the last day of the year will be amazing and some sun and snow on the menu for the New Year. Will be a great buzz in the Village with a good number of guests expected to arrive. Stay safe and see you on the slopes.

The only way to travel!