Spring Festival on this weekend

Base up top: 355 cm        Temperature; -1 Degrees

Base at bottom; 215 cm

New Snow: 0 cm               Weather; Overcast

Not a lot happening on the weather front at this stage with mostly cloudy skies and some patches of blue poking through.

Up top is looking fairly foggy and some snow is expected to roll in later today getting heaviest tonight.

Bit of a hive of activity today with the Spring Festival going on up at Yamabiko. The resort has buried some treasure in the 350cm base up there and up to the guests to find it.

Yesterday was a mixed bag with some rain below but big flakes were falling from the sky up top at one stage and created a bit of fresh to enjoy. Visibility was not the best with a shifting fog bank up and down the resort. But all in all a better day than was expected.

Snow is still forecast for the next few days and the freezing level is dropping down to as low as sea level just briefly. Then sunshine expected Tuesday, may be a good day to wheel out the BBQ. Have a great weekend and enjoy the festivities and snow.


Good time for touring

Base up top: 370 cm        Temperature; 2 Degrees

Base at bottom; 220 cm

New Snow: 0 cm               Weather; Overcast

Fairly grey warm morning in Nozawa and as expected we are getting hit with some rain in the village, but the resort is reporting snow up top.

With the freezing level up pretty high will be a bit of a tale of two mountains for the next two days with rain down low but snow up higher. Until Saturday night when the freezing level will drop and snow is expected in the village too.

The forecast is now for heavy snow tomorrow up top, which is great to see. With the temps on the way back down should be some pretty good powder about.

Yesterday was not a bad day in the mountains. March is always a good time to strap on the skins and head off into the beautiful surrounding terrain. Better weather and still plenty of snow making for some fun tours. Yesterday a few of the gang headed North all the way down to nearby Sakae Village nice ski, great outdoor onsen and a mountain picnic always enjoyable.


More snow on the menu

Base up top: 380 cm        Temperature; -5 Degrees

Base at bottom; 235 cm

New Snow: 15 cm               Weather; Bluebird

Pretty insane conditions in Nozawa at the moment with another decent dump overnight and blue skies today. Life does not get much better!

We stumbled home from the Nakao concert last night and the snow was falling gracefully from the sky. Was beautiful with all the candles in the snow and the sake buzz added to the affect!

Woke up to a decent driveway clear and over boot deep powder on the slopes with zero crowds. The base is back up to near the 4-meter mark and conditions are sublime. Like every year always amazes me March is so good yet almost no one comes up. Even stranger this year with so much snow on offer. Not that we are complaining too much, more untracked runs for the keen.

Looks like we are in for a blue bird start to the day tomorrow then consistent snow falls up top for the foreseeable future! Like I said life is good in Nozawa..

Crisp, Fresh start to the day

Base up top: 370 cm        Temperature; -1 Degrees

Base at bottom; 235 cm

New Snow: 0 cm               Weather; Sunny

Stunning start to the day here in Nozawa and nice cold air when sat outside for a cup of tea this morning. Fairly blue skies with a bit of scattered cloud and the mercury is slowly rising with the sunshine.

Snow conditions still excellent with the fresh from the previous day. Yesterday was amazing up there with the foot of fresh over the whole resort and it snowed for a good part of the morning. Everyone was beaming when they tumbled down the hill late yesterday.

There is a bit of snow forecast for tonight then a couple of mostly sunny days. Looks like we will see quite a lot of snow over the weekend for the top at least. So anyone sitting behind their desk in Tokyo or where ever considering a mountain escape may want to start waxing the boards!

A fair bit going on in Nozawa this weekend too with the Spring Festival on the slopes of Yamabiko on Sunday and a Snowboard Cross contest on at Hikage should be fun.

Don’t forget Ma Chan and his Japanese Folk music tonight at the Nakao Community Centre always a mesmerizing evening with the local community.



A fresh foot of snow delivered


Base up top: 380 cm        Temperature; -6 Degrees


Base at bottom; 245 cm

New Snow: 25 cm               Weather; Snowing

The Snow Gods have blessed us again in Nozawa with a nice foot of fresh being delivered overnight. We were expecting a fair bit up top but it has fallen in the Village too and coated everything in a crisp blanket of white. Doesn’t matter how many times you see it a good fall of fresh snow is always magic.

It is going to be pretty awesome today and one happy soul has already raced down late for his train but ecstatic about the knee-deep powder up top!  Will be a nice contrast to the last two days.  Temps are back down as well with a good cold winter feel in the air.

The outlook is good with some sun and snow tomorrow and the next day then will warm up again Friday before what may be an epic snow system churning in from the 25th of March. With very few people gracing the slopes, March is confirming to be our favourite month of the season again.

Good night ahead


Base up top: 360 cm        Temperature; +3 Degrees


Base at bottom; 225 cm

New Snow: 0 cm               Weather; Overcast

Pretty overcast start to the day here in Nozawa with nothing falling from the sky at present.

The winds have died and the Nagasaka Gondola and all lifts are back up and operational. The rain yesterday did not do the base any favours and it was a pretty warm day. Almost didn’t need the Jacket at the Festival last night. Was a good night and quite a few people lined the main street for the festivities. Oyu Dori was closed to cars, which is always good to see. Would be nice f one day it was a permanent fixture, maybe even just allow electric golf buggies like in Zermatt. I know there is some talk of it so will have to wait and see.

Good news is temps are on their way down and we are expecting some heavy snow up top tonight. Followed by some sun and light snow over the next few days with freezing levels staying down until Friday.

Free lift tickets for kids today too so a good excuse to get them off the computer games and up the mountain.

The Compass Cup is also on at the end of the month entries close 23rd of March. Go and see Yuta and the gang at Compass house if keen to enter. Conditions are looking like could be epic as always at the end of March!

Happy St Paddys Day

Base up top: 385 cm        Temperature; +2 Degrees

Base at bottom; 230 cm

New Snow: 0 cm               Weather; Not great

If you decided to start celebrating St Patrick’s day early and had one or two too many last night and can’t get out of bed then maybe was not a bad decision.

Today’s conditions probably best viewed by the fire with a warming glass of Whisky! After such a stellar week was always going to be a bit of a downer to cop some rain as was forecast for today. On top of that we have some strong winds so a lot of the upper mountain including the Nagasaka Gondola are on hold at present.

The only bonus is there may be a bit of snow falling up top and no one will be there to track it out. Good news looking ahead is that temps are on the way down again and we are expecting a solid dump up top from tomorrow night with heavy snow forecast. Then should start to clear Monday and a bit of sunshine on the cards.

Don’t forget to make your way down to Oyu Dori the main street tonight for the Family Festival should be fun and no doubt the Stay Bar, Foot Bar and Heaven Bar, the golden triangle will have a bit of Irish cheer on offer as well. Take it easy out there and Slainte!

Why did God invent whiskey? So the Irish would never rule the world.


Mid March Nozawa. Sunshine, a bit of fresh, no winds no worries

Mid March Magic by Chris Vertullo

Base up top: 390 cm        Temperature; 0 Degrees

Base at bottom; 240 cm

New Snow: 2 cm               Weather; Beautiful

Almost need to pinch ourselves at the moment with another perfect day in Nozawa. Sun is shining thru and with the snow we got yesterday we should be in for a great day on the slopes.

No wind and no crowds so the lucky few up there are going to be styling. Hope they have their sunglasses and sunscreen!

We are past mid March now and still have almost a 4-meter base up top and 2.5 Meter down the bottom. Still have great top to bottom skiing over the whole resort.

Looks like that warm spike is still coming for tomorrow and some rain on our party. Just one day then should drop down and more snow expected from Sunday night.

On the events calendar we have the Family Festival tomorrow night on Oyu Dori from 7-9pm with Free Sake and Soup, kids playing the flute and a ski history display.

Then make sure you check out the concert on Tuesday Night the 20th with a cool band from Okinawa a great traditional night at the Nakao Community Hall.

Ma Chan and the band come every year and it is a pretty special night.

Living the Dream

Base up top: 390 cm        Temperature; -11 Degrees

Base at bottom; 245 cm

New Snow: 0 cm               Weather; Beautiful

Another gorgeous start to the day here in Nozawa. Not a cloud in the sky and wind also pretty non-existent. Cold temps up top to start the day at -11 degrees but it will warm up pretty quickly with all this glorious sunshine.

Yesterday was an unbelievable day on the Mountain with a foot of fresh, sunshine in the morning and more snow falling throughout the day. There were fresh tracks for the taking all day.

There are a bunch of guys here for a month, the whole month of March and they are feeling pretty comfortable with their decision now with the great conditions of the last few days they are truly ‘living the dream!’

Looking ahead we should get some more snow tonight and into tomorrow. Then Friday should be relatively clear again followed by a spike in temps with the southerly change.

That may bring some rain down low but still quite a bit of snow for up top on the radar over the next week.

Don’t forget White day today, which is kind of like Valentines day but for the girls. Free Chocolate fondue on the slopes at Hikage, oishii!

Great day to be live

Ushi Kubi views

Base up top: 390 cm           Temperature; -6 Degrees

Base at bottom; 260 cm

New Snow: 25 cm               Weather; Beautiful

Absolutely stunning day in Nozawa today so really glad I did not have that extra beer or two last night!

We have had the Magic Foot of snow bless us overnight with 30cm falling. The sun is out and the strong winds of yesterday have all but disappeared. It is going to be nothing short of epic today on the mountain.

Can almost count the number of overseas guests in town on both hands and a few toes and being a week day there are not many Tokyoites either, so should not be too much competition for fresh lines.

Anyway enough typing better get up there for some all important R & D.