Nozawa Ski Resort is well and truly open

The powder has arrived!

The Game changer in Nozawa. Powder Season has arrived!Base up top: 150 cm Temperature; -10 Degrees
Base at bottom; 55 cm
New Snow: 60 cm Weather; Dumping

Most years we have a system that rolls thru and changes the landscape pretty quickly. We get a lot of snow in a short period of time, which usually sets us up for the season and means the start of the powder season.With a massive 60cm dump overnight and looks like 60cm more on the way this is our game changer for this season. Some seasons we are just opening around this time so knee to waist deep powder is pretty amazing in early December.We cleared the steps 4 times yesterday and still woke up to 20cm on the doorstep! Anyway time to strap on the powder boards for a bit of R & D. Will keep you posted….

All hands on deck in Nozawa

Nozawa Snow Report: Be careful what you wish for

Lubo san enjoying life on the pontoons

Hard to believe but still snowing in Nozawa and has not stopped. This is one of the most consistent runs of heavy snowfall I can remember. Who knows if it keeps up we may challenge the next record of 530cm base set on February 5th 2006. The forecast is showing more moderate to heavy falls on the way so it may be a reality.

They have already started to dig out some of the snow below the lifts as they are becoming dangerously close to the runs below in places.

Yesterday on the mountain was another ridiculous day with more powder than a Johnson and Johnson factory! The sides of Skyline were like a natural half pipe with snow from the middle being pushed high up on the sides.

Today is even better with a lot less people to compete with for fresh tracks now the weekend crowd has gone. The official reports are showing a massive 45cm up top but less down low may have had something to do with the gusty Antarctic type conditions last night. There are fresh lines on offer everywhere, it is deep and mind blowing powder!

In the village now we are really praying for a break in the downpour so we can clear some of the snow before it gets dangerous. At this stage no sun on the horizon just more snow so for the lucky ones on the mountain strap on the powder boards and enjoy!

Check out this cool time lapse by Mark Jobson filmed at the front door a few days ago