Welcome to sunny Nozawa

in Mar 31, 2016

Base at top: 135 cm
Temp at Top: 3 Degrees
Base at Uenotaira station: 60cm
New snow since close: 0 cm
Weather: blue skies and light winds decreasing


We’ve been blessed with some beautiful spring weather this week, with a similar pattern for most of the week. Light winds, mild temperatures, and warm sunshine. Although this has taken its toll on the snowpack, we’re loving it (and not just because it means we don’t have to shovel snow!). Being able to head up the observatory in a t shirt, sit out in the sun to eat lunch and keep the bubbles up on the chair are a few of our favourite things about spring. if

We’re really hoping for one last late season dump, but looking at the forecast is making us doubtful unfortunately. The next seven days is looking pretty warm, with one cooler night on Monday and the possibility of light snow up top. Light rain is predicted on Sunday and Monday. Aside from that we are expecting winds to pick up a little from Sunday through until Tuesday before calming back down.


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