Getting to Nozawa Onsen, Nozawa Onsen Access

Getting to Nozawa Onsen, Nozawa Onsen Access

Getting to Nozawa Onsen is relatively simple from Tokyo or Narita Airport and usually takes around 3-4 hours depending on the transportation used. For directions from Tokyo see here, or from Nagoya/Osaka/Kyoto see here.

Hint: Don’t rely on static timetables posted on other websites as these can change regularly. Use this very useful link to find the most up to date Tokyo to Nozawa Onsen time tables.

train access to Nozawa OnsenFor more detailed information on getting to Nozawa Onsen from Nagano see below. To get information on getting from Tokyo or Narita to Nagano see here (train) or here (bus). A Nozawa Onsen access map can be seen below or downloaded here. There are also various direct shuttles run by various companies but schedules and bookings (and sometimes reliability) can be fluid.

Nozawa Onsen – Airport Shuttle

Nagano Snow Shuttle has three shuttles per day from Narita/Tokyo airport, one shuttle from Haneda Tokyo Airport, plus one shuttle each from Myoko and Hakuba resorts.

Tokyo to Nagano and Nozawa Onsen Map

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Getting to Nozawa Onsen via train from Iiyama Station

Catching the train to Nozawa Onsen is the usually the favoured option. Take the new Hokuriku Shinkansen from Tokyo (or Ueno) bound for Iiyama Station. Getting to Nozawa Onsen by bus from the new Iiyama Station is quite straightforward. Upon arrival at Iiyama take the escalator downstairs to the concourse and look for the Nozawa Onsen Liner bus. Check the Nozawa Liner schedules here. The journey takes about 20 minutes. If you arrive late call the local Nozawa Onsen taxi service or pre-arrange a pick up with your hotel. The total cost from Tokyo to Nozawa Onsen via train is around 10,000 yen and will take approximately 3-4 hours.

Nagano to Nozawa Onsen Bus

For getting to Nozawa Onsen by bus, exit Nagano station via the East exit (see Nagano Station plan below), then take an Nagaden bus bound for Nozawa Onsen. There are two buses a day during the winter season only.

How to get from Tokyo to Nozawa Onsen via bus

There is a direct bus from Shinjuku (Tokyo) to Nagano which takes around 6 hours with a cost of 4,800 yen.

Nagano Snow Shuttle has three shuttles per day from Narita/Tokyo airport, one shuttle from Haneda Tokyo Airport, plus one shuttle each from Myoko and Hakuba resorts.

There is a direct bus service from Narita Tokyo to Nozawa Onsen that operates just one return trip per day, departing Narita Airport at 8:00 pm and arriving in Nozawa Onsen around 1:00 am. For the return the bus departs Nozawa Onsen at 10:25am and arrives at Narita Airport at 5:00pm (with a stop in Tokyo for for those not going to the airport).

How to get from Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya to Nagano by bus

There are buses from Osaka, Kyoto and Nagoya to Nagano – see here for more details.

How to get from Nagano to Nozawa Onsen via taxi

There are taxis that provide a direct service to or from both Tokyo airports (Narita or Haneda) to your lodgings in Nozawa Onsen. The fare per adult is approximately 14,500 yen from Narita, 13,500 yen from Haneda or 15,000 yen from Chubu International Airport (Centrair) in Nagoya. This is only marginally more than train fares and saves the hassle of changing trains, carrying bags and/or herding grumpy kids. Children’s rates are usually 50% (under 12). Bookings can be made online in English. There may be a small surcharge for ski bags or large luggage.

Winter shuttle and Nozawa side trips

There is a winter shuttle available to nearby ski resorts Madarao Kogen. For more details see the Nozawa Onsen – Madarao Kogen shuttle website. There is an onward available bus to Myoko Kogen from Madarao. Onsen Many skiers combine a trip to Nozawa Onsen with a few days either in Hakuba or Myoko Kogen. Visits to Togakushi VillageZenkoji Temple or the Snow Monkeys are also very popular.

Nozawa Onsen Car Rental

Renting a car to travel to Nozawa Onsen is a popular option. For ease of pre-booking a rental car online and great selection Tocoo is the only one real choice. This company provides an English website and support in English, plus some cars can come with English GPS. The closest car rental location to Nozawa Onsen is in nearby Iiyama City near the train station.


Nagano Station plan

Nagano Station platforms

Check out this useful outline on getting to Nozawa Onsen (including timetables, prices and timeframes), as well as the useful guide  leaving Nozawa Onsen – thanks to Nozawa Holidays.

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