20cm, Bluebird Conditions

in Feb 22, 2014
Lucas launches off a massive pillow in Nozawa Onsen.

Lucas launches off a massive pillow in Nozawa Onsen.

Base up top: 360 cm    Temp Top; -11 Degrees

Base at bottom; 210 cm

New Snow since close: 15-20 cm

Weather; Mostly sunny

The good times keep rolling on here in Nozawa Onsen with another unexpected moderate snowfall overnight.  Although the forecast suggested only light very isolated falls we have received a tasty 15-20cm across the upper mountain, slightly less lower down. With the sun shinning, cold temperatures and idealic cumulus clouds floating about the peaks its sure to be a spectacular day on the hill, don’t forget the cameras!

Like the past week or so, tree runs will be the pick today with knee to thigh deep powder ready for slashing and spraying. Head to Yamabiko trees early and when that becomes tracked, your favourite secret tree runs. For those who like to feel the bottom, groomed runs will also be a treat today, fast and smooth early. May become choppy during the afternoon considering its the weekend.

Yesterday was also excellent. We received about 15-20cm the night before which produced a perfect covering to remove tracks from the day before. Overcast skies and isolated snow showers continued for the day. Fog enveloped the upper reaches of the mountain for much of the day, obscuring visibility, however below about 1400m was clear.

It looks like we are set for a period of mostly clear weather for the next few days. The freezing level will stick around 0-200 meters until Tuesday when a gradual rise is expected. Winds will stay light throughout. Further ahead we should expect a few days of spring-like skiing over the later half of the week with warmer temperatures. In the long range forecast more snow is expected from late Saturday onwards.