Almost a foot of snow


Base up top: 380 cm                  Temperature; 0 Degrees


Base at bottom; 265 cm

New Snow: 20 cm                           Weather; Snowing

Almost time to clear the driveway again in Nozawa today. Has been snowing pretty heavy most of the morning with some big flakes floating from the sky. There were some pretty excited people around the breakfast table this morning as the snow started to accumulate.

Yesterday was almost 2 different mountains top and bottom. With the temps a bit marginal down low was a bit slushy but up top was good. The mercury has shrunk down below zero now so should be nice conditions all over.

Last night was pretty special in town with the Lantern and Snowman festival there were some beautiful scenes at every corner and the kids were having a ball. Good vibe around the village too but most should leave later today.

Ahead we the snow should lighten but continue into tomorrow then a bluebird day on Tuesday. Life in snow motion continues..

March is just a few short days away and with the base at 380cm it is looking like should be still pretty good.