Another day another 30cm dump

Adding up in Nozawa

March just keeps piling up another nice dump overnight

Base up top: 365 cm        Temp Top; -10 Degrees

Base at Uenotaira 305cm

Base at bottom; 190 cm

New Snow since close: 30 cm

Weather; Wintery


As predicted we had heavy snowfall overnight and have woken up to another “Magic Foot” on the doorstep overnight. It started late in the evening and just got heavier at 5 am there were big flakes filling the sky outside our bedroom window!


It is very much winter here today with snowy blizzard like conditions. But there will be big rewards for the brave with awesome powder pockets all over the resort. Some of the season crew has headed to nearby Madarao for a powder fix!


Yesterday was amazing with terrific snow conditions and beautiful weather. Everyone was stoked and there were big smiles rolling down the mountain.


Looking like the snow should continue all day and them some sunshine over the next 2 days before the next system rolls in on Thursday. Go deep and stay safe.