Nozawa Snow Report: Light dusting overnight

Base up top: 380 cm                  Temperature; -7 Degrees

Base at bottom; 260 cm

New Snow: 10 cm up top

Nozawa pulling the winter Jacket back on today. With about 10cm dusting overnight and big flakes were falling early this morning. Has backed off a bit now and even saw a bit of blue sky but still falling lightly.

Temps are back down to -7 degrees up top and nice to see after the warmish weather of the past few days. Has been handy on the snow-clearing front though. Yesterday was a huge day in the Village with everyone pitching in to clear the snow off all the onsens and community centers. Amazing what some warm weather and a bit of elbow grease can achieve in a day!

Hear the neighbours snow blower back in action again this morning though so think everyone is anticipating some decent dumps ahead. On the radar nothing huge expected but should be consistent and the heaviest is due tomorrow then a bit of sunshine for the coming weekend, which should be a busy one in town.

Yesterday had mixed reports with wet snow falling up top was probably not the best day of the season but some said the groomers were pretty fast and fun in places. Today should be much better up there and more goodness ahead