Nozawa delivered, once again!

in Feb 17, 2016

Base at top: 150 cm
Temp at Top: -11 Degrees
Base at Uenotaira: 100 cm
New Snow since close: 5 cm
Weather: Fairly cold & Cloudy, snow is dumping on us. Moderate winds.




What a beautiful day yesterday turned out to be. Blue skies shone over the mountain throughout the morning and carried on through all afternoon. Just as the resort started to close for the day, dark clouds could be seen moving closer. They’re still hovering above us and snow has just begun to fall with heavier snowfall coming later in the afternoon. If all goes to plan we should be seeing close to 30cm covering the mountain. Temperatures are fairly cold; -4°C in the village and -11°C up the top, so freezing level is right down to sea level and the snowflakes should be light and fluffy, just how we like them.

There’s going to be another short spike in temperature on Thursday; before snow begins falling over the weekend. Later into next week we will likely see another system moving over Nozawa bringing more snow to our pistes!



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