Last Nozawa Onsen Snow Report of the Season

The weather in Nozawa Onsen is unreal – almost like February at times. Hardly anyone on the mountain this morning. Almost feels like a private ski resort at times. Still great snow conditions on and off the slopes. If you know the right spots you can even still find nice powder runs. After a few snowy days and a blue sky yesterday the temperatures are on the rise a bit today. But still good fun to carve down Skyline towards the village and get a few turns in at the slushy bottom part.

Fantastic day yesterday. Fresh powder and blue sky is a mix which is hard to beat. A lot of people did not want to miss out and made their way up to Nozawa to enjoy skiing once more this season. Temperatures stayed fairly cold up top and guaranteed good snow condition all day long. Got a bit slushy at the bottom in the afternoon. But all in all could not ask for a better day.

The forecast shows a blue sky tomorrow and some rain for Wednesday. Should not affect us too much, there is still plenty of snow on the mountain. Nozawa are keeping a really big area of the resort open, in fact most of the main runs really and you can still ski from top to bottom.

Apart from that we’ve decided to close the Nozawa Onsen Snow Report out today. Not that, as you can see above, that’s any reflection of the snow quality in Nozawa.  It’s been an awesome season but the weather is only getting warmer from here by the looks of it and the skiers much less.

We’ll be updating occasionally over the off season with videos and pics from this season so if you have one you’d like to contribute please do so on our Facebook page. Otherwise see you all next season in Nozawa Onsen!

*Special arigato gozaimasu to the Nozawa Holidays / Lodge Nagano crews for all their help this year – you guys rock! Do check out their great Nozawa Onsen accommodation options for the Nozawa Onsen ski season 2012/2013

Current Nozawa Onsen Weather

The race is on for fresh tracks


Base up top: 400 cm                  Temperature; – 7 Degrees


Base at bottom; 290 cm

New Snow: 20 cm                           Weather; Bluebird Sunny Day

We put in an order for sunshine and it has been delivered this morning. Beautiful sunny day here with about 20cm of fresh on top of yesterdays fall, it is going to be an amazing day on the slopes.

It snowed most of the day yesterday getting heavy at times and eased after dark. So will be plenty of fresh tracks up for grabs today. The base has hit the 400cm mark again, which is terrific with just one more day to go until March!

Had a bunch of people glowing when they came down from the mountain yesterday saying it was the best day riding they had ever had. Today may be even a touch better with the great visibility.

On a different note another boarder was lost in the backcountry two days ago. The rescue efforts have been hindered by the heavy snow, and made it very hard to find any tracks. Was two very cold hard nights in the elements. Good news just out he has been found alive and well at a village down well below Nozawa Onsen. Will no doubt have a story to tell!

The outlook is pretty good with a bit of snow and a bit of sun. Temps are looking a bit warmer too.