Nozawa Snow Report: Mother Nature on display in Nozawa Onsen

Team Italia living the dream in Nozawa

Mother Nature hit us pretty hard yesterday evening with almost 30cm of snow falling in around 3 Hours, was spectacular to watch. The snow piled up pretty quick.

Then this morning the sun came out and provided us with a magic day. Conditions on the slopes are as good as it gets and some of the powder runs were beautiful. On piste too was great with a bit of powder on top of the groomed.

It has started to snow lightly again now and should continue throughout the day then we are in for another fairly decent fall tomorrow night and light thru the weekend.

Next week something we have not seen for a while but a row of sunshine looks like it may be on the menu. Have a bunch of Italians here in town at the moment, they have travelled far to taste the famous Japanese powder and as they headed up this morning they had that satisfied look in their eyes.


Pow time in the Trees

Nozawa Snow Report: Reached the 3 meter base mark in Nozawa this morning

Kawaharu Yu Onsen cold meets hot in Nozawa Onsen

Wooo! We have dived into the 300cm mark in Nozawa Onsen officially today. Happened a little quicker than I thought as yet again last night we received close to 30cm on the slopes!

It seems like a given to wake up with a solid dump of new snow on the doorstep. Checked back a few years for base at around this time and the average has been about 190cm so we are well above that now. 2010 we were at similar levels and in 2006 we had a whopping 475cm!

Today is relatively clear compared to the past few days, but still snowing! Just lightly in the village at the moment but snow clouds are still hovering.

Yesterday on the mountain was another great day and I am running out of superlatives to describe it. 30cm of fresh and it snowed pretty heavy most of the day.

We should be in for snow showers over the next few days then another good dump starting Tuesday night. The snow is deep so choose your line carefully and take a big breath!