Nozawa Snow Report: Another Day at the Office

Mowing the lawn

Base up top: 415 cm                  Temperature: -12 Degrees

Base at bottom: 315 cm

New Snow: 38cm

There was 30+ centimetres of snow again overnight in Nozawa Onsen. It is just part of the routine now to wake up and clear a foot of snow off everything before the day begins!

Imagine waking up and the grass had grown a foot overnight can be hard work but snow is a lot more fun than grass.

Yesterday was pretty harsh conditions up on the mountain. Getting off the gondola at Uenotaira felt a bit like we had arrived at the base camp for a North Pole expedition. If you could get into the valleys and out of the wind and driving snow though it was pretty nice and some fresh tracks to be had on most of the less frequented runs.

The constant snow is also playing havoc with the local train from Nagano to Togari Nozawa Onsen station. It is stopped to clean snow off the lines now but should be back running this afternoon.

The forecast believe it or not is for a bit of sunshine amongst the snow showers over the next few days then further ahead the snowathon should continue…

Different kind of neck deep