Blanket of Snow covering top half of the Resort

November 15th 2011 first good coverage of the Season

Many Alpine regions in Japan woke up to a blanket of snow this morning and Nozawa Onsen was no different with snow down to about half way covering Uenotaira .

First good covering of the year and looks like more to come over the next day or two. Then will warm up over the weekend a bit before the next system is forecast to come in nice and cold on Monday next week. Temps are set to drop to -7 degrees with freezing point dropping to Village level at about 500m above sea level.

Up top they are predicting heavy snowfall so will be interesting to see if that eventuates. In the past the resort has opened on November 21st if there was enough snow. The powers to be have assured me they will be opening on December 3rd but if this gives us a decent covering who knows.

Anyway looks like Winter is here and wont be long until we are strapping on the planks and pulling out the shovels for a great season ahead.

Just one month to go

Autumn in Nozawa Red White and Blue by Shige

With just one month to go until the resort is set to open here in Nozawa Onsen on December 3rd, there is a cool feeling of excitement in the air.

The autumn leaves or Kouyo are in full blaze, and there are some beautiful colors sprawled out across the slopes

The staff as usual are out in the fields preparing the runs, cutting grass and trees to make way for mountains of snow which are hopefully just around the corner.

The Japan Meteorological Agency has put out their forecast and it is looking pretty promising with average temperature and precipitation in December and below average temps in January.

At the moment it is still fairly warm in town but temps are set to drop next week and get down to -5 degrees up top of Mt Kenashi. Anyway, still early days.

The Nozawa Onsen Photo contest is on again and will be chosen at the end of November so if have any good shots of Nozawa be sure to send them in. You can enter here

If you struggle with the language you can post here and your entry will be sent on – or you can do both

Some great prizes to be won including lift Passes and accommodation plus the prestige of your photo being displayed around the village

Anyway probably getting close to time to pull out the boards and start waxing if nothing else will get you thinking of the winter wonderland ahead…

Nozawa Winter Wonderland by