Nozawa Snow Report 30 December 2013

Nozawa Snow Report 30 December 2013, Holiday Sun

Nozawa Snow Report 30 December 2013

Holiday Sun in Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Snow Report 30 December 2013

Tia, first day back in the park at Nozawa Onsen.

Present conditions in Nozawa Onsen

Base up top: 190 cm    Temp Top: -3 Degrees

Base at bottom: 75 cm

New Snow since close: 0 cm

Weather: Clear

Nozawa Snow Report 30 December 2013

Another sunny clear day today in Nozawa Onsen although temperatures are warmer than the past couple of days. Very light winds across all areas of the resort. Best areas are the groomed runs and Yamabiko area where snow is light and dry; altogether excellent conditions on offer higher up.

Yesterday was an almost perfect day with deep, dry fresh snow on offer although many areas became tracked fast with the holiday crowds. Temperatures remained cold and the groomers stayed fast all day. The Nozawa park opened yesterday which was fun for all those who tried it.

Looking at the forecast ahead we should see light snow showers move across the resort this afternoon, increasing overnight before continuing on and off tomorrow. New Years day should see snow falls increase and temperatures drop providing better conditions and the potential for some deep powder snow.

Accommodation in Nozawa Onsen has started to get pretty full this season. If you still haven’t booked check the options here or contact the helpful crew at Nozawa Holidays.

Nozawa Snow Report 30 December 2013

Yuto boosts off the final jump in the Nozawa Onsen park.

Nozawa Snow Report 30 December 2013, Holiday Sun

Slowing down in Nozawa / Discount lift tickets

Base up top: 370 cm
Temperature:  -1 Degrees
Base at bottom: 200 cm
New Snow: 17 cm
Weather: Overcast

It looked not very promising in Nozawa Onsen yesterday morning but the rain did not last very long before it turned into snow up top just before lunch time. By mid afternoon it was snowing heavy up at Yamabiko and even down in the village big snow flakes were falling from the sky. Fresh tracks all afternoon made up for a wet start in the day.

Great conditions today. The sun comes out every now and then with 20 cm fresh powder snow to enjoy on top. Good to see that the temperatures dropped into the minus again. Plenty of action on the mountain today with a halfpipe competition taking place up at Uenotaira. Great opportunity to look at some tricks from the Pros.

Forecast looks good. We are in for a nice blue sky tomorrow before another cold front rolls in. Temperatures are on the rise on Tuesday but not for long. Heavy snow on the radar Tuesday night.

This guy might get his car back soon…

Please note:

From tomorrow a number of lifts and lower courses will be closed for the season – yes, even with all the snow! – but upper slopes will be going strong until May 6th (and there’s always the chance they might move that to later with all the snow). So today is the last of the “whole mountain open” days this season. Still loads of riding to do though.

The following lifts are closing today (unless otherwise noted):

Hikage Gondola
Paradise Four (but re-opening for weekends and Golden Week)
Shinyu pair
Kandahar pair
Higake triple (open until 2nd)
Higake No2 pair AB
Nagasaka triple
Nagasaka four
Nagasaka gondola connecting pair
Karasawa pair
Mizunashi triple
Utopia pair
Challenge pair
Yunomine pair
‘Yu’ road (open until 2nd)

Good news for your pocket. There will be reduced lift Tickets available from Monday 2 of April.

1 day Ticket Adults 3500 Yen (was 4600 Yen)
1 day Ticket Kids 2500 Yen (was 3500 Yen

Nozawa Snow Report: Welcome the sun

Finally a burst of sun for a very content slide home

Has been a while but yesterday afternoon the sun burst on to the stage to create a magic day on the slopes.

With a 420cm base, a good overnight dump and very few crowds the stage was set for perfection. Snow conditions were excellent under foot on the groomers and up on the slopes of Yamabiko there was even a good coverage of powder that remained untouched for most of the morning.

Had some snow last night but the sun is out again this morning so should be another amazing day. Visibility is looking pretty good up top too so a chance to take a good look around.

The clearing of snow continues in the Village, the roofs are lined with people doing their best to take some of the weight off. Trucks and shovels are going hard below to take it away. A big ‘otsukaresama’ and well done to everyone in town for their efforts in the extreme conditions we have experienced.

The outlook is for more snowy days ahead. Not as heavy as was previously expected but still consistent good moderate

Rain, hale or 400cm of snow he will deliver


Nozawa Snow Report: Too much snow?

Nozawa Onsen house getting buried under snow

One of the houses down the road going under again

It is phenomenal! The snow just keeps coming in Nozawa Onsen. There is so much the call of ‘too much snow’ is being heard on the lifts and in the bars. Nozawa even made the NHK national news today as being one of the snowiest places in Japan!

We had 1 meter of snow yesterday in total, 65cm at night then another 35cm during the day. The heavens finally stopped thumping us late in the afternoon just in time for a BBQ!

There has been at least another 30cm plus of snow fall since 2 am this morning probably more and there are still huge flakes flowing from the sky now as I type.

Yesterday was an epic day on the mountain, just had to find somewhere steep enough to get you sliding. If you did but the rewards were insane with chest deep runs in places. In many spots including the trees at Yamabiko it was just too deep anyone venturing in got stuck and took up to 2 hours to dig themselves out and back on the safety of a groomer.

Today even the groomers are like powder runs and some of the flatter ones it is hard to get the speed to cruise thru the ever-building powder! More heavy snow forecast thru to tonight so it is going to be a wild ride. Hang on and good luck!

Going for a record snowfall in Nozawa