Like a Spring day


Base up top: 395 cm                  Temperature; +2 Degrees


Base at bottom; 270 cm

New Snow: 0 cm                           Weather; Sunshine

A bit of spring in our step in Nozawa Onsen today, at village level anyway it is a pretty warm one.

Up high is still really nice with blue skies and good quality snow under feet. In the Village we are enjoying this sun and warmer weather, means a nice break from the constant shoveling we had earlier. I know the powder hounds are getting hungry though!

Always a sure sign when you see them making kickers around the place. Some set up one yesterday, jumping over the cat track getting some amazing air.

Temps are still warm tomorrow then should drop off and bring some snow in on Friday night and then a few other top ups after that with scatterings of sunshine.

Funny but we had this little warm spell around the same time last season in February, but it was soon replaced with the Winter cold in early March.