5cm of Fresh

in Mar 02, 2014
Nozawa tree drop.

Nozawa tree drop.

Base up top: 305 cm    Temp Top; -4 Degrees

Base at bottom; 150 cm

New Snow since close: 5 cm

Weather; Overcast, valley fog

After a long spell with no new snowfalls finally the drought has broken with 5cm of fresh recorded up high, 2cm in the village. The tree runs will be refreshed in the upper areas and will be well worth a look today. The groomed runs will be smooth and soft with the new layer of snow. Temperatures are -4C at the peak and are expected to drop to around -10C in the next 24 hours. Winds are light.

Last night the annual lantern festival went off in the Hikage area. The free sake was flowing and for those who endured the light drizzle were rewarded with a spectacular fireworks show and drumming performance.

The skiing and boarding yesterday was better than the preceding few days. Soft but fast spring conditions opened some of the tree runs once again and the groomed runs were a treat for carving. Light drizzle persisted for much of the day in the village however this fell as snow on the upper three quarters of the mountain.

Looks like we should expect some good snow conditions over the next week. Forecast is light snow showers, which will continue today and into tomorrow. With a steadily dropping temperature its likely that there will be some powder on offer for tomorrow. Tuesday will be clear. Further snow will move over the region on Wednesday night so Thursday and Friday will offer some great skiing and boarding; a return to winter conditions.