Snow forecast tonight

in Mar 01, 2014
Burn the trees!

Burn the trees at Madarao!

Base up top: 300 cm    Temp Top; -3 Degrees

Base at bottom; 150 cm

New Snow since close: 0 cm

Weather; Fog


Its a very atmospheric morning in Nozawa Onsen this morning. Low clouds are circulating around the valleys and peaks giving the place a really Jurassic feel. Temperatures have cooled slightly in comparison to the past couple of days with negatives from mid mountain up. Again, the best riding today will be the groomed runs which will be icy up top, softening further down on the mountain.

Yesterday saw some nice riding on the groomed runs below the fog. It was fast up top with temperatures below freezing and slushy on the lower pistes. Off piste was not the best but the natural half pipes at Yamabiko were good with the right goggle lens.

We expect temperatures to continue to cool today and tomorrow with the freezing level dropping back to sea level by tomorrow afternoon. Snow showers are expected tonight and into tomorrow. Monday will likely be clear before another snow bearing system moves over the region on Wednesday night.