Nozawa Snow Report: Easy as a Sunday morning

in , Jan 22, 2012

Clearing the deck before the next big dump in Nozawa

Heard the snow sliding off my roof at about midnight last night but it sounded pretty heavy. Even copped a bit of the four-letter word that we don’t like to hear, rain last night down in the village. It quickly changed to sleet and up top we got about 10cm of fresh snow.

Today is a bit of a mixed bag of weather too with some snow, sun and everything in between! The sun is trying to make an appearance at the moment but is still a little shy. On the mountain this morning conditions were pretty good and some fresh pockets could be found in places. Some of the guys headed under the chairs at Yamabiko and reported nice snow on the faces down in to the natural half pipe.

The lift line was a bit of a bottleneck at the bottom of Yamabiko A which tends to happen on the weekends but the rest of the lifts were not bad at all for a Sunday morning.  The groomers were quite soft under foot with that bit of a dusting.

The next big dump is still looming from Tuesday on and looks like it should get heavy later in the week. Everyone is working hard to clear the decks in preparation for what is on the way.


Snow coming up on the menu for Nozawa Onsen