Nozawa Snow Report: Playing the waiting game

in , Jan 23, 2012

The local Komoshika out in the pow

Snowing lightly in the village all morning not much collecting down here but a few centimeters has gathered up top. The forecast is for it to get lighter throughout the day and then sunshine for tomorrow before the winter onslaught tomorrow night.

Yesterday was warm, probably about 5 degrees for most of the day down in the village. Felt like a spring day for the first time in a while. The snow was also a bit slushy and spring like on the lower slopes, still some nice snow to be had up top though. The warmer temps did have a positive impact on snow clearing though and most places in town are now ready for the next big hit, which is still scheduled to begin tomorrow night.

Have seen a few Kamoshika or Serow around the resort and right down to Karasawa over the past week. These majestic beasts are beautiful to see and look like a cross between a deer and a mountain goat. We don’t see a lot of wild life around here but from time to time we see, tanuki which is like a badger, foxes and even a rare bear. Good to see they are enjoying the snow too!