Fresh snow and bluebird – Last report of the season

Fresh snow and bluebird – Last report of the season

in , Apr 02, 2015

Fresh snow and bluebird

Last Nozawa Onsen snow report of the season

Well, all good things must come to an end sometime. The fantastic season in Nozawa is still continuing but we’re wrapping up reports today so as to get some maintenance sorted on the site.

Thanks to Mark, Gab and all the rest of the crew at Nozawa Holidays for their awesome reporting and pictures this season. You can still check out some of their continuing reports here or book a great package deal for next season here.

See a selection of some the best pics of the season at the Nozawa Onsen Picture Gallery 2014/15.

If you haven’t booked for next season you better do it soon because some places are already filling up fast!

Nozawa Snow Report 2 April 2015

For the second day on the month we have some fresh snow! About 5cm has fallen on the upper mountain since last lifts. This is great news after the rainfall we experienced yesterday, which was the heaviest of the season so far. With a temperature at the summit of -2C the fresh snow will not be the super dry powder we normally have fall in Nozawa Onsen, but it is certainly better than nothing!

Last light from Mt Kenashi

Last light from Mt Kenashi as the sun goes down on the Nozawa Snow Report

Nozawa Snow Report 2 April 2015 (continued)

Today the best riding will be had above the gondola mid station which was the approximate snowfall level last night. Make sure to hit the slopes early to experience the best snow conditions as the spring sun is particularly strong at this latitude.

According to the forecast we will have some slightly warmer temperatures and its possible there will be some more rain and strong winds tomorrow. Saturday is expected to be clear before a tropical system makes its presence know with rainfalls from Sunday to Tuesday. From Tuesday colder temperatures will move through with the potential for snow.

Snow conditions and weather in Nozawa now

  • Temp Top; -2 Degrees
  • Base up top: 380 cm
  • New Snow since close: 5 cm
  • Weather; Mostly fine

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