Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 21 December 2015: More snow to come at Nozawa Onsen

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 21 December 2015

More snow to come at Nozawa Onsen

Base at top:  40 cm

Temp at Top: 0 Degrees

Base at Uenotaira:  45 cm

New Snow since close: 0 cm       

Weather: Cloudy

Day two on the slopes was fantastic. Lots of people were out riding under the beautiful blue skies from first lift until the end of the day. It’s bittersweet when there’s a day like that; it’s great weather for riding but I think we’re all hoping for more snow.

Today, There will be some light snow throughout. We’re looking at around 8cm in the afternoon and night, and then a few days down the track we’ll be getting a massive dump for Christmas! A hefty system looks like it’ll be forming on Friday night and will be leaving its mark on Saturday, with an expected dump of 33cm on the Saturday alone. Lucky us! Temperatures are going to be getting very cold over Christmas, down to -14 at the top.

For the time being, there are a number of runs open, some with better coverage than others. A few bits of grass and plants are exposed in parts so keep an eye out for them.

Stay safe out there and enjoy the mild conditions before it gets freezing!

Lifts planning to operate in Nozawa:

– Nagasaka Gondola (from 8:40am)

– Hikage Gondola (from 8:40am)

– Skyline link lift

– Yamabiko Four lift

– Yamabiko Number 2 lift

– Uenotaira

– Yu Road

Ski Courses that are open:

– Yamabiko A course – 1300m length

– Yamabiko C course – 850m length

– Yamabiko D course – 1250m length

– Kokenashi – 200m

– Uenotaira

– Bunabayashi

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 21 December 2015Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 21 December 2015

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