Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 8th January 2019

in Jan 09, 2019

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 8th January 2019

We got ourselves 50 centimetres of fresh snow overnight. Half a metre!

Down in the village, cars are being slowly reclaimed. Shovels are out. Last night was huge. Everyone’s up early and getting ready to head to the mountain. It will surely be a great day on Mount Kenashi.

It’s still snowing now and doesn’t look to be going anywhere too quickly. The forecast suggests it will ease some time today and we’ll see a clear, blue day tomorrow. What more could we possibly ask for?

What does 50 centimetres mean to the mountain?

8 am –
Temp at the top; -8C
New snow since close 50cm
Base at the top; 270cm
Weather; snowing

The above speaks for itself and there’s not too much to do but get to the top of the mountain. However, give a bit of consideration to safety, as you go. We love this much fresh snow but with it comes the odd tricky situation. So ski in pairs and enjoy the powder!

For the many who we’ve met lately visiting Nozawa Onsen for the first time. Take a few minutes to check out our “How to Onsen” video. We guarantee it’s the best way to end a successful day sliding down the mountain!

How To Onsen