Nozawa Snow Report 28/12 – Winter Has Arrived!

in Dec 28, 2018

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report 28th December 2018

Winter Has Arrived!

If we compare this season to the early start we got last year, then perhaps we might feel like it has been a bit slow. Despite a few decent dumps and a healthy amount of snow up top of Mount Kenashi, we hadn’t seen what we coulc call “heaps”. Until now, that is…

Officially, we got 35cm up top overnight (although there must have been about that much at village level) and more than 5cm since 8 am (as of 10:15 am). There’s set to be snowfall of some amount on every day of the week to come. In fact, it’s snowing right now. feels great to be alive!

The Magic Footovernight means Skyline is back open. Hopefully, Karasawa will follow soon.

Temp at top; -8C
New Snow Since Close; 35cm
Base at Top; 130cm
Weather; Snowing (10:15 am)

Slopes open today in Nozawa;

Yamabiko A course (Intermediate)
Yamabiko B course (Intermediate)
Yamabiko C course (Intermediate)
Yamabiko D course (Intermediate)
Yamabiko E course (Intermediate)
Kokenashi A and B
Bunabayashi course (Beginner)
Uenotaira (Beginner)
Yunmine A and B
Paradise ( Beginner)
Hikage (Beginner)
Skyline (Intermediate)

Operating ski lifts;

Nagasaka Gondola lift 8:40 ~ 15:30 (outbound line final 16:00)
Hikage Gondola
Hikage Lifts
Yamabiko 4 Lift 9:00 ~ 15:30
Yamabiko 2nd 4 lift 8:55 ~ 15:40
Uenotaira Lift 9:00~15:40
Paradise Lift
Nagasaka Triple
Shinyu Double
Yu Road
Skyline Lift

With all the powder around it might be difficult to conceive of doing anything but sliding down Mount Kenashi. However, there are a few other activities in town and beyond, of course. The best way to finish a day of skiing (particularly when it’s so cold) is with an onsen. Be sure to check out our “How To Onsen” video. There’s also our Monkey Tourwhich is sure to be a hit with the kids (and those of us who remember being kids).