Sun, Snow & Fire; Nozawa Onsen Snow Report, 13/1/2019

in Jan 13, 2019

Sun, Snow & Fire, Nozawa Onsen Snow Report, 13th January 2019

The forecast for this week includes sun, snow & fire for Nozawa Onsen.  The present cloudy situation has already begun giving way to sun. We may get the odd snow shower before more sun tomorrow. Tuesday night looks set to involve both snow and fire in plentiful amounts. We’re expecting a double-digit dump to coincide with the Fire Festival. That not only means great skiing to wake up to Wednesday but also a really cool (yes, literally and figuratively) atmosphere for what is probably the most important date on Nozawa’s calendar.

Check out yesterday’s postto find out a bit more info on the Fire Festival. Fire festivals are a big part of Japanese culture and Nozawa Onsen’s Dōsojin Fire Festival (道祖神祭り) just so happens to be in the top three Japan-wide. It really is something special. For those who are lucky enough to be in town for the festival, please enjoy yourself but equally, as guests with a close-up look at authentic Japanese culture, please be respectful at all times. If you’re reading on having missed out on this year’s festival, it’s a good time to start thinking about the 2020 instalment. Accommodation during next year’s Fire Festival (and the ski season in general) is already starting to fill. Check out some accommodation optionsor send us an email at

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves. While the main event starts on Tuesday (15th of January each year), today marks the start of the fun. It will kick off around 1 pm as some of the villagers drag logs through the streets in the direction of the Fire Festival grounds, stopping for a rest/sake breaks as they go. It’s going to be a big few days here in the village. The festivities beginning today, a national public holiday tomorrow (Coming of Age Day) before the big day of the Fire Festival on Tuesday. Take care and enjoy!

Today on the mountain looks like this;

Temp at the top; -4C
New snow since close; –
Base at the top; 230cm
Weather; clouds clearing (light snow at the top at 10 am)