Nozawa Onsen Snow Report NYE 2018

in Dec 31, 2018

You can hide most things in the snow.

Nozawa Onsen Snow Report NYE 2018

Wishing You A Snow-Filled New Year!

Late 2018 may have been just a little slow in coming to the party, snow-wise, but it has surely made up for it right at the death. The past few days have been epic with heavy dumping more often than not. The forecast reckons it might ease a little today to allow us to watch the NYE 2018 fireworks beneath a somewhat clearer sky tonight. Not to worry though, there’s plenty more fresh stuff to come beyond that.

Those in town tonight might want to head over to our New Year’s Celebration pageand check out your options. If sliding down the mountain all day followed by an onsen, you might find yourself crashed out on your futon a little early for the celebrations. But if you can stay awake a bit longer, just this once, there are some unique, once-in-a-year/lifetime celebrations to be found. Japan does things a little differently, particularly in a traditional town like Nozawa Onsen. Even if you’re not up for the party and fireworks of the Nagasaka slope celebrations, the temple and shrine affair might be more your scene.

What’s happening on the mountain today?

Temp at top; -9C
New Snow Since Close; 25cm
Base at Top; 220cm
Weather; Snowing (midday)

There’s now a very healthy base at the top of the mountain. (Almost) all of the runs are now open, including the Karasawa area. these past few days of heavy snowfall have really set us up for an awesome introduction to 2019. If you’re coming to Nozawa and/or just want to get a bit of an insight as to what’s happening on the mountain, you can always feel like you’re here by checking out the resort’s cams and weather conditions page.